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Aveda Massage

Chakra™ Balancing Massage
A brand new massage experience that concentrates itself on the 7 Chakra centres, involving various massage tecniques.
It combines the Chakra™ Balancing Blends with the deep tissue massage, the stregth of reflexology and the Chakra energy lead to the stress relieving, diminishing muscles tension and increasing the energy. The treatment will be accompanied by a guided meditation that takes back the whole aequillibrium to the Chakra system.

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Fusion Stone Massage
Experience the power of the Aveda Plants and Flower Aromas, all together with a stone massage. Your own chosen aroma will overwhelm your senses, interchanging the hot stones with the cold stones, giving you a full-freshness balancing sensation.

  • 90 minutes...90 €

Elemental nature Massage
A personalized massage, due to solve stress problems and lack of energy. After a careful consultation , your beautician will offer you the best techniques and Aveda products combinations. Among these, swedish massages, relaxing massages, deep tissue, plantar reflexology, finger pressure relieving, chakra techniques, energizing massages, massages for pregnant women, hot stone massages ecc.
Your beautician will find the most correct way to satisfy your requests.

  • 30 minutes...40 €
  • 60 minutes...60 €
  • 90 minutes...80 €

Contracture relieving back massage

  • 30 minutes...40 €

Lymphatic massage

  • 60 minutes...60 €
  • 90 minutes...80 €

Mud therapism

  • 90 minutes...80 €

Body exfoliation

  • 90 minutes...60 €

Half day aveda experience
Includes manicure, pedicure, facial and body massage

Aveda Facials

Aveda face cleansing

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Aveda facial treatment

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Facial treatment anti-age

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Pitta facial treatment

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Kapha facial treatment

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Dual Exfoliation

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Perfecting Plant Peel

  • 60 minutes...60 €

Eye treatment

  • 30 minutes...40 €

Face oxygen therapy

  • 25 minutes...130 €

Face and Neck oxygen therapy

  • 30 minutes...150 €

Face, Neck and Décolleté oxygen therapy

  • 40 minutes...180 €
  • Eyes and Lips Zone...60 €


The multifunctional system that re-shapes your body, as well as toning your skin. It gathers 3 treatments in one.

  • Laser Treatment
    the dyodic laser will fight the adiposity
  • Multipolar Radiofrequency
    generates heat into the deep derma, improving the tissue elasticity
  • Vacuum Massage
    the endodermic massage involving the vacuum technology for a lymphatic massage.

The t-shape treatment will help you achieve.

  • Compact skin
  • Better skin quality
  • Adiposity diminishing
  • Circumference re-shaping
  • Post liposuction treatment
  • Facial lifting

Face t-shape

  • 30 minutes...75 €

Body t-shape

  • 30 minutes...75 €
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