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Hair Colour

Aveda Roots Colour...from 50 €
Aveda Roots And Length Colour...from 80 €
Highlights...from 100 €
Partial Highlights...from 70 €
Shatoush/Balayage...from 100 €
Colour Glossing...from 40 €

Hair Styling

Cut And Dry...from 60 €
Cut/Trim...from 40 €
Blow Dry...from 30 €


Permanent Waving...from 70 €
Straightening Treatment...from 150 €
Keratin Treatment...from 230 €
Extensions...price on request

Botanical Therapism

Pramāsana ™ Scalp Treatment
for every kind of scalp
From the Ayurvedic wisdom here comes the treatment that exfoliates, purifies and protects the scalp, leaving the hair soft and brilliant.

30 minutes...20 €

Express Pramāsana ™
for every kind of scalp
Add this quick service to your blow dry in order to stimulate and balance your scalp, giving you a full-freshness sensation.

15 minutes...10 €

Invati ™ Treatment
for thin hair
Energizing treatment that improves the microcirculation thanks to the curcuma/turmeric and ginseng properties. Specific for preparing hair to become thicker and healthier.

15 minutes...10 €

Moisture Treatment
for dry hair
Improves dry hair hydration, increasing it up to 86% after one application only. Leaves your hair soft and silky thanks to the buriti  and pomegranate oils.

20 minutes...20 €

Repair Treatment
for damaged hair
Restructures damaged hair making it stronger up to 84%, after one application only. Leaves your hair healthy and stronger thanks to the quinoa protein.

20 minutes...20 €

Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment
personalized treatment
One of the two treatments above (moisture or repair) added to the scalp treatment. Balancing and soothing for the scalp.

40 minutes...40 €

Men's Services

Cut/Trim...from 30 €
Shampoo and blow dry ...25 €
Aveda shaving...25 €

Aveda complete shaving treatment (with hot towell)

30 minutes...25 €

Aveda exfoliating shaving treatment

30 minutes...25 €

Beard trimming

15 minutes...15 €

Scalp treatment

20 minutes...20 €

Cut and shave

60 minutes...40 €

Beard treatments:

Facial cleansing 15 minutes...15 €
Hydrating treatment 15 minutes...15 €

Exfoliating Shampoo
Deep, yet gentle exfoliation of the scalp with the new Pure-Formance Exfoliating Shampoo.
This treatment prevents the itchy scalp, dandruff, blemishes and irritation and at the same time removes the dead cells leaving the scalp clean and healthy.
During the shampoo, a destressing full-head massage will be done.

30 minutes...20 €

Scalp De-Stress
A destressing massage on a very confortable armchair. While the stylist offers you a relaxing and balancing scalp massage, using the Pure-Formance Composition, a hot fragranced towel will be put under you head , in order to make this experience unique and even more overwhelming.

20 minutes...20 €

Relaxing Masque
A full-of-hydration wave for hair and scalp. A healthy masque done with the Pure Formance Conditioner, used for its soothing and healing properties. A hot fragranced napkin will make this experience even more pleasant.

15 minutes...10 €

Hair Colouring
Nowadays men also can enjoy the hair brightness, thanks to our colouring treatment. The 97% naturally derived sun-flower and jojoba essential oils, give brightness and repair the hair.

30 minutes...30 €

Aveda Men Natural Grey Blending
You can naturally cover your grey hair in less than 5 minutes, with a depth-effect, very naturally-looking. Shampoo and blow dry included.

10 minutes...20 €
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